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I-LA001 Victorian beaded wall pocket

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Victorian beaded wall pocket

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Victorian wall pocket with floral beadwork and beaded initials, on black velvet, lined and backed with red wool fabric. Wall pockets were made of various materials, wood, ceramics, metal, leather, and fabric. Sherlock Holmes used a "Persian slipper" to keep his tobacco in, possibly also as a wall pocket. Dutch farmers may nail a wooden shoe that's too badly worn, to the wall of a barn to serve as wall pocket. This wall pocket is covered in fabric, and possibly backed in wood, as it is still straight and firm after decennia of use. The pattern is a tracing, and the "toe" is a bit of a guess, since we had access to images only and not to the original item. Width can be adapted if you want the toe narrower or wider.

Images donated by etsy seller thelongacreflea, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.






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