B-YS053 Les Dentelles d'Art

Le Fil de Lin Extra C.F. dans ses applications.

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Les Dentelles d'Art

Pour l'emploi du Fil de Lin AU PAON C.F. 75 Modeles Inedits Filet, Venise Crochet Album No 1 32 Pages

C.F. Le Paon

French language colleciton of hand made laces. Includes crochet in imitation of Point de Venise and Irish crochet; darned net (filet); and true needle lace. Filet is presented in engravings that show the span of the woven areas, rather than plain filled squares on a graph. Lovely collection of heraldic animals, Renaissance style borders and insertions, and a giant Atalanta and Hypomenes in a chariot (broken into sections for ease of use).

Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Judith Adele.






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Le Fil de Lin Extra C.F. dans ses applications.
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