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B-LP001 Briggs & Co.īs Patent Transferring Papers

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Briggs & Co.

Briggs & Co.´s Patent Transferring Papers

New York, Briggs & Co., pages from 1884-1900 catalogs

A large collection of freehand embroidery designs, circa 1884-1900. Original book was of early hot iron transfers - the reproduction has changed the size, bu they can be restored to original dimensions with an enlarging<br>educing photocopier or computer drawing program. Includes floral borders and insertionss, wreaths, scallops and edgings for clothing, handkerchiefs, and linens; designs for applied braid or soutache (some can be used for Battenberg lace). Some designs have intended use or color notation; floral sprays and botanical/fruit sprigs; drawings of Japanese porcelain dishes and fans; designs for mens' smoking caps; small insects and butterflies; birds; floral corners; brackets (designs for shelf linens or valences); apron/pinafore decroration; slipper tops; lingerie bags; pillow shams; monograms and initials; drawings of dresses indicating recommended placement of embroidery; devotional/church designs; adorable children at play; Kate Greenway village vignettes. LImited number of Russian cross-stitch designs; dogs and cats; sporting motifs.

Scans donatated by Luann Pfost, edited by Luann Pfost.






United Kingdom
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B-LP001 Briggs & Co.īs Patent Transferring Papers
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