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E-WM100 Old and New Designs in Crocheted Edges  PDF 


Sophie T. La Croix

Old and New Designs in Crocheted Edges

for Hemstitched Sheets Towels Slips Scarfs & Centers Bedspread Lunch Set and large Table Covers. Book No. 18.

St. Louis Fancy Work Co. 616-618 Washington Ave. St Louis, U.S.A.

16 page collection of patterns for crocheted edgings for household linens curtains, lingerie, and towels. Some are shown in combo with openwork or surface embroidery. Several motifs that can be used as all-over pieces for tablecloths or light throws. Threads used range from cotton perle 5 down to size 60 cordonnet. Prose directions plus detailed photos, American notation.

Donated by Charles Kite, from the collection of his grandmother Folva Miller. Edited by Sytske Wijnsma.







United States
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E-WM100 Old and New Designs in Crocheted Edges
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