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H-LZ001 Woolwork sampler  PDF 


Emma Werla

Emma Werla's Sampler, Stickmusterstreifen; Musterband der Emma Werla

Stickmustertuch von Emma Werla, Wien 1862.

Photographs of a truly fabulous multicolor wool on canvas sampler. 46 stitched rectangles, separated by 45 different monochrome borders, in a 6 meter long band. The only other documentation so far is a book called Emma Werla's Musterband, printed in the eighties, and still occasionally available secondhand. Langer Straminstreifen, bestickt mit 44 Flachenmustern in mehrfarbiger Wolle und Seide in verschiedenen Sticharten, 1 Chenillestickerei, 1 Muster in buntem Tuch aufgelegt, von schwarzer Kreuzstichkante eingefasst. Inv. Nr. 1921.14. Sections include flame stitch (Florentine or Bargello embroidery), traditional needlepoint/Berlin woolwork, cluster stitch, cross-stitch, Gobelin stitch, dimensional applique, and more. Photos are of sufficent detail to work from.

Photographed by Enzo Lima and published with kind permission of the Grassi Museum of Applied Arts (Grassi Museum fur Angewandte Kunst) in Leipzig.








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H-LZ001 Woolwork sampler
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