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F-WM025 Priscilla Armenian Needlepoint Lace Book  PDF 


Nouvart Tashjian

Priscilla Armenian Needlepoint Lace Book

Containing full directions for making Edgings, Insertions, Round Doilies, Square and Triangular Insets Also A Great Number of Finished Pieces and Lace Flower Pendants for Luncheon Cloths and Scarfs. Price, 35 Cents.

The Priscilla Publishing Company, 85 Broad Street, Boston, Mass.

A well-known book about Armenian knotted lace, starting with a simple tutorial, progressing to beautiful doilies, edgings, and even lace flowers. Armenian lace and the other knotted laces around the Mediterranian show a strong family resemblance when it comes to techniques, but the Armenian products are completely recognizable as Armenian.

Donated by Charles Kite, from the collection of his grandmother Fulva Miller. Edited by Sytske Wijnsma. N.B. The duplicate page in the middle of the pdf is included deliberately.







United Kingdom
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F-WM025 Priscilla Armenian Needlepoint Lace Book
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