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6-LP001 Priscilla Embroidery Patterns,

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Priscilla Embroidery Patterns,

Simple, Dainty, Up-To-Date Designs - Fall and Winter Catalog 1915-16.

Boston: Priscilla Needlework Co., 1915, 48pgs.

Photographed catalog of embroidered items for which patterns could be ordered (no actual patterns included), and items that could be bought pre-stitched. Baby caps bibs, and layette items, plus baby, toddler, and childs' dresses, nightgowns, and blouses, and organizing bags; lingerie for girls and women; table linens and napkins, doilies, dresser scarfs, curtains, laundry bags, bedroom sets, and other household linens;aprons, blouses and collars; parasol, sachets and other small gifts. Some stitching instructions and description of contemporary threads and fabrics.

Scans donated by Luann Pfost, edited by Luann Pfost

Fashion: Boston 1915 Ladies’ lingerie and trimmings







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6-LP001 Priscilla Embroidery Patterns,
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