Crochet stitches

Antique and vintage basic crochet terms The terms for crochet stitches varied from publication to publication, starting in the 1820’s, and didn’t become standardized until well into the 20th century. Sometime in the 1880’s, crochet terms for the basic stitches became more standardized in Britain, and although some American publishers began to use what we now recognize as U.S. crochet terminologies, British terms were still used in many U.S. publications until after World War I. Here is a list of different stitch terms from some of the popular publications of their time.
U.K. modern terms chain st ch slip st (sl st) double crochet (dc) half treble (htc) treble crochet (tc) double treble crochet (dtc) triple treble crochet (ttc)  
U. S. modern terms chain st (ch) slip st (sl st) single crochet (sc) half double crochet (hdc) double crochet (dc) triple crochet (tc) double triple crochet (dtc)  
1844 Miss Lambert, My Crochet Sampler, London chain plain single crochet plain double crochet   treble     See p 14-21 of the book – plain stitch variations
1850 Ladies Guide in Needlework, Philadelphia chain double crotchet stitch
c. 1845-1870 Mlle Riego Crochet Books , London chain single stitch plain stitch treble stitch long stitch extra long stitch
1850’s Royal Crochet Worker , London chain plain double treble
1859 Mrs. Pullan, Lady’s Manual of Fancy-Work, New York chain (ch) slip stitch (sl) single crochet (sc) short double crochet (sdc) double crochet (dc) treble crochet (tc) long treble (ltc) also a “short treble”, and a “half long treble”
Godey’s Lady’s Book c. 1850-1870 New York ch sc dc tc Not consistent from pattern to pattern.
1870 Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Needlework, London chain slip stitch double stitch long double treble long treble double long treble many stitch variations, see p 185-194
1880 New York Tribune Knitting and Crochet chain single crochet or sc double crochet or dc treble stitch or tc long stitch or long treble extra long stitch
1886 Th. de Dillmont, Encyclopedia of Needlework, France chain stitch single crochet double crochet treble crochet
1891 Home Work, Toronto chain, ch slip stitch, sl st single crochet, sc half treble or short treble treble crochet long treble
c.1900-1917 Priscilla Publishing Company, Boston  
c. 1911-1920 Flora Klickmann books c. 1900-1920 Needlecraft, Augusta, Maine
compiled by Judith Combs, content last updated 03oct2006