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Antique Pattern Library is a project of New Media Arts Inc, a nonprofit organization, tax exempt under IRC Sec. 501(c)(3), EIN 27-2500171.
We are grateful for donations. They may be tax deductible, depending on your tax circumstances and where you live.
N.B. Currently we are not soliciting donations from residents of Pennsylvania.
Please direct questions and remarks to info at newmediaarts dot org.
Our mailing address is New Media Arts Inc., 180 Promenade Circle, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA 95834, United States . This is an administrative address. If you want to ship or mail books, magazines, or patterns, to be published in the Library, please contact us via info at newmediaarts dot org.
We will not give away, sell, or share in any other way your email address or any other personal data associated with your donation,
except when there's a law saying that we must.

Logo New Media Arts, Inc.
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Thank You

Thanks to the following people

Many people have volunteered their time and donated scans of their books to the library since we began in 2006. These are the people and institutions who have allowed us to thank them.

Websites and tech: Sytske Wijnsma, Judith Adele, Daisy Wreath, Enfys, In Memoriam Dr. Ralph E. Griswold, Mary Lancaster, Lee Ann Hamm, Sonja Hamilton, Lady1Raven.

Cataloging, curating, and research: Judith Adele, Sytske Wijnsma, Adrienne Kattke, Portia Pirnia, Sheron Goldin, Georgia Seitz, Paul C. Combs, Jr., Gina Worthy, Eve Wallender.

Forum moderators: Adrienne Kattke, Sytske Wijnsma.

Graphics and OCR editors: Judith Adele, Sytske Wijnsma, Hope Wright, Luann Pfost, Adrienne Kattke, Bhavani Harikrichnan, Cheri Mancini, Enfys, Elena Poiata, Eve Wallender, FireRose, Kathy Adkins, Karen Ann Lenard, Kathleen Mattingly, KR Ritchie, Martha Ess, PJ Bartl, Yvonne DeVries, Sarah Duehr.

Scanning and scan donors: Annick Chartier, Alie Feichtinger, Ann Heiser, Adrienne Kattke, in memoriam Anna Mendenhall, Anja Riemens-Wildschut, azcq, Barbara Ballantyne, Bobbie Demmer, Bhavani Harikrichnan, Bev Pisko, Cheri Mancini, Cynthia Hanley, Digital Archive, Diane Bayley, Debra Carr, Dindi Gelfi, Deidre-Anne Penrod, Diane Spinelli, Enfys, Eve Wallender, Gail Owens, Georgia Seitz, Gina Worthy, Hope Wright, Internet Archive, Isabel Gancedo, Judith Adele, Jeb Beelen, Jeannette S. Harris, Julia Haug, Jessica-Jean Isrep, J.B. Rupp, Jacoba Sieders, Korina Johnson, Karen Ann Lenard, KR Ritchie, Kathryn White, Lenore Ciavarella-Madrachimov, Luann Pfost, Trustees of the National Library of Scotland, Louise A. Tiemann, Laurie Wright, Mary Lou Davis, Martha Ess, Melanie Gill, in memoriam Marleen van Horssen, Erik & Corrine Meeuwis, Nancy McCann, anonymous, Project Gutenberg, Priscilla Cailly, American Red Cross, Ramzi Ghezawi, Ruth Mirriam, Rosa Singleton, Sara Duehr, Sharon Kerston, Sytske Wijnsma, Public Domain Tatting Archive, Tony Lulek, Tamara Tiekstra, Verna Hale, AnneMarie van der Peut, Wal d'Champs, Widener Library, Yvonne De Vries.

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